Music Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper on music is not a very easy task. However, when you are faced with this challenge, you can cope with writing your research with the help of life hacks and music professional tips.

One important thing is picking the right music research paper topic. The theme of your paper would determine how popular and exciting it would be. Picking a good topic is essential; more than it may seem at the beginning.

Below are some great writing tips and ideas, created by top professionals from, that are connected to different periods and genres of music. These tips would help you write a great and unique music research paper.

Choosing an Excellent Music Research Paper Topic

You may already have an idea of the topic you are writing on, or you might still have no idea. In both cases, below is a list of qualities a proper music research topic should possess, which would help you in evaluating your topic choice.

  1. Your interest

Choosing a topic that bores you would make you emotionally drained and unmotivated while writing the research paper. It would be much easier if you write your paper on a topic you have an idea of before.      

  1. Your targeted audience interest

Your interest might be uncommon and not close to the interests of your audience. You have to ensure your paper is a combination of your interest and the interests of your audience if you want it to impress people.

  1. Easy to explain and illustrate

If you want your research to be liked by others, you have to ensure that they can understand it. The easier it is to understand and to illustrate, the faster it is to understand the information you are passing across to them. If your topic is complicated, try to make it easier or you chose another one. 

  1. Relations

Your topic must be in connection with the reality that your audience lives in. Your topic must pertain to your audience’s interest, location, and culture. It must also reflect current musicology issues. Ensure it is a topic any reader can relate with while reading

  1. Not common

Most students choose similar or same topics. Ensure you choose topics that are unusual and intriguing so that your audience won’t get bored from reading facts that they have read over and over again. However, ensure that the topic you choose is familiar to your targeted audience. Your topic should be in line with the field and occupation of your reader.

Today, there are different music types. If you want to write a music research paper, ensure your topic is based on the music type that you are familiar with or like. You can get bolder by choosing a topic that is intriguing and controversial. For this kind of topic, you will get a lot of attention from your targeted audience.


Choosing a music research paper topic is not an easy task. With our practical writing tips, you will find writing your research paper an easy task.