Juvenile Justice Paper Topics

Researching Juvenile Justice is a way of widening your understanding of the juvenile crimes and correctional system. Juvenile crimes are committed by youth under the age of 18. This type of criminal activity or delinquent is usually processed through the juvenile justice system.

Choosing the right topic for research on Juvenile Justice is a bit hard. Your instructors can even reject some of them as you require a broad knowledge of the laws made for juveniles and case studies.

Several juvenile delinquency cases can be researched, but many of them are complicated that only a trained lawyer can understand them. So, the first step to writing a perfect juvenile Justice Research paper is to get the right topic and cases.

Areas of Juvenile justice that you can research

 1) Youth Gangs 

Researching this area will allow you to explore the reasons why there are increased numbers of teenagers getting involved in gang crime. Look for theories that show why youths join gangs. Understand the common factors of gang members, such as drug abuse, violence, poverty, broken homes. Look for programs that talk about the dangers of youth involvement in gangs.

 2) Truancy

Do an investigation of the possible reasons for truancy, such as mental health issues, peer influences, dislike of school, or teen pregnancy. Assess the effect of school or parent penalties for truancy, such as suspension, grounding, or detention. Identify different truancy intervention models that have effectively minimize youth absenteeism, improve grades, and increase graduation rates.

 3) Teen Courts

Evaluate the reasons why some teen courts are more functional than others and which correctional model works best. Research the effectiveness of teen court models made of peers and teen court models where a court judge oversees the proceedings.

 4) Violent Juvenile offenders

Evaluate the reasons for antisocial attitudes and causes of juvenile violence. It can be as a result of aggression, drug abuse, and conflict between parents. Take time to analyze the psychology of the youths accused of rape, murder, school violence, and kidnapping. Research on the strategies that will help identify potentially dangerous youths and what correctional program can be administered.

 Examples of Juvenile Justice paper topics

 1) How do offending youth team collaborate with druggist juveniles that are at risk?

 2) What percentage of culprits juvenile become adult miscreants?

 3) The effects of having a minor in house arrest rather than prison

 4) Can children who commit violent crimes be rehabilitated?

 5) Methods of thwarting truancy in children

 6) How juveniles with learning difficulties treated by society?

 7) In what case is a juvenile offender punished just like adult?

 8) There is a strong link between juvenile crime and drug usage

 9) Can a juvenile can be a sociopath?

 10) How bullying can lead to minor acts of violence and other crimes


For you to have a well-written research paper on juvenile justice, you need to have a good topic. It allows you to do proper research and also excellently express your opinion.