How To Write An Introduction To A Research Paper

Research work is an essay writing that deals with research or investigative writing into a particular topic, especially in the field of science.

Research work is a corresponding answer to why a statement study is been conducted or the goal of a study. An important part of research work is its introduction.

How Then Should You Introduce A Research Work

An important fact about a research work is that it directly leads your readers from a general research case or problem into your specific area of research. The introduction carefully explains the significance of the write-up.

During the introduction, general and current knowledge on the topic is summarized. Then the details surrounding your topic are discussed.

Next, thesis statements are then writing to add wit to the research issue or problem.

The introduction also contains hypothetical write-up questions that you would be interested in answering in your write-up.

The introduction might also contain the methodology, in which you would explain the format you would write your essay.

How To Begin

  • Begin in a few sentences: Introduce the topic of your write-up, and indicate the kind of research questions you would be answering.
  • Refer to keywords: When writing for a publication series, keywords would be required to be submitted with your write-up. Keywords indicate what you are writing on.
  • Define all keywords and all uncommon concepts that would be associated with the write-up.
  • Introduce the topics utilizing a quotation: The use of anecdote is important, especially when writing on topics not relating to science. Such areas of studies could begin with an illustrative quotation. This is sometimes called the inverted triangle that ensures an imaginative and engaging style of writing.
  • Include a brief literature review: When writing a long essay, incorporate reviews from preexisting write-ups on such fields. This shows that you understand and that what you are writing on is relevant.
  • Be concise in writing: Use general developments in your write-up, preferably recent findings.
  • Make use of pieces of literature to enhance your contributions: This literature review enables you to start credibly and then move into your findings.


The introduction is structured to answers 3 questions on the mind of readers. Which are:

  • What is this write-up about?
  • Why should I read this article?
  • What does this article want me to think?

Keep the following in mind to create an effective introduction.

  • The introduction must reveal your subject of interest: Make use of keywords from the title in the first few sentences.
  • Establish your investigated hypothesis: Write in past tenses to show that work has been done on such an article before.
  • Present in a statement: The basis and rationale behind your written on this article. Then you present your thesis statement.

Engage your readers and stimulate their interest in your write-up by considering the following:

  • Begin with a compelling story.
  • Induce a strong quotation and throw a thought-provoking question.
  • Describe a mysterious puzzle.
  • Make use of citations.

The basic and most important part of your writing should be your ability to provide a unique write-up. Therefore, resist the urge to plagiarize.

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